Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ralphie is Two Months Old!

Lil Dude,

Boy, O, boy how you have grown. These two months have just flown by. You even cuter than ever. We have so many nicknames for you - Dude, Lil Dude, Boo, Buddy, Munchkin, Chubby-wubby, Baby Boy, and Ralphie-Ralph.  We do not refrain from sounding completely ridiculous when we talk to you. For some reason we think making our voices squeaky and high makes you smile more.... maybe it's just our imagination. ;)

You have outgrown your newborn-sized clothes, and it makes me sad.

But you are smiling more and more every day, and starting to coo and blow bubbles, and that is just adorable. Daddy loves that you are learning new tricks. You rolled from your tummy to your back last night! We were shocked! You did it four times in a row.

 You are a happy baby for the most part, but you do have your moments. You love, love, love bath time, but hate getting dressed. You love talking walks in your stroller, and especially love napping in your mobi wrap. If you could take every nap in that mobi wrap you would be as happy as a clam.

You kick your feet like crazy!

Everyone loves to hold you, and tells us how cute you are. You still look mostly like Daddy, but you have my eyes. We think they're going to stay blue.

I love your eyes. They are deep and expressive, like Daddy's.

I'm hoping this is the month you start sleeping through the night. I'm ready, whenever you decide it's a good time. :P

I love you, my sweet boy, even more than last month.

God knew what he was doing when he gave you to us.


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  1. He looks like a real grownup person!!! He is so cute. :D