Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Wedding of the Year

Good things do happen in Ohio.

Like our wedding, for example. 
And this wedding.

If you've ever been in a wedding - your own, or as a bridesmaid/groomsman - you know that a wedding most certainly isn't just the long awaited date. Months before there is all the planning - colors, flowers, honeymoon destination, setting the date, choosing the venue, and the menu, and the church. Then the bridal showers, and perhaps moving into a new home, and when the week-of this long await event finally arrives, there are bachelor and bachelorette parties, setting up, decorating, airport trips, the arrival of family and friends, the rehearsal, the rehearsal dinner, getting ready, taking pictures AND THEN the wedding. By the time the actual wedding arrives everyone usually breathes a huge sigh of relief, and then from sheer excitement that the wedding has actually happened they are able to muster a little more energy and enjoy a darn good reception. 

And that's why long ago someone invented the honeymoon - an idea which was really, only for the benefit of the families of the bride and groom. They needed some way to get the bride and groom away so that they could recover from the chaos. Enter honeymooing.

But all joking aside, this wedding was wonderful. 

It's not every day one of your best friends marries one of your husband's best friends.

And all that chaos I was talking about? Well, it was actually a blast. From the girls end anyway, there were lots of giggles, and hugs, and O-my-word-your-getting-married squeals.

Thursday night Ashley and her young lady friends enjoyed a pretty picnic-y dinner near a Lake. Wildflowers, fresh fruit, meats, cheese, olives, funny games to play, pretty gifts to open, and three sweet babies to love on. It was a delicious, lovely evening.

 Today a bride, someday, a wonderful mother.

 Meanwhile... the guys were doing what guys do best.

Eating pizza and chips...

 ...drinking soda and beer...

 ...playing poker...

 ...and solving all the world's problems.

They had fun... I guess. ;)

Then the wedding day came, and went. Too quickly. It was beautiful, from start to finish.
They are so in love, it's contagious.

First Dance to I Can't Help Falling in Love with You

Father-Daughter dance to Cinderella
My parents dancing the "anniversary dance"
They'll celebrate 23 years at the end of this month!

Reunion of friends 

My brother Nick and his girlfriend, Rose - they came all the way from NYC!
Grandparents and Grandbabies :)
They were all pleased to see her smash that cake in his face! 

Your wedding is just the beginning... Ashley and Josh, may the Lord give you every blessing!

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