Saturday, June 30, 2012

Katharina McCallum | Baby Portraits

Are you ready to meet the prettiest baby girl that ever lived? Good, because here she is.

My sweet little niece, Katharina.

Just look at those perfectly pouty lips!

 This is her scary face. She does it on command! :)

 Stay posted for double the cuteness - Katharina and her twin brother Sebastian!


  1. She is such a doll! great pics, Ashlee. I love the picture of her "scary face".:D And the 3rd to last she looks like she's saying "I'm a girl and there is NO WAY I'm going to touch the grass! So gross! I have to somehow get my bug without getting a grass stain on my lovely hands." ;)
    p.s. Can't wait for Sebastian's!! :D

    1. Andrea, your description of the 3rd to last picture is exactly what was going on. She did not want to touch the grass at all! It was hilarious.