Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I'll be playing catch-up here in this little space for at least a week. The last two weeks have been full and fun! Chronologically, first thing first.

Ralphie met his cousins Sebastian and Katharina!

For those of you who have sisters you understand. The bond between sisters is different than any other. So naturally, sharing the joys of motherhood with your sister is especially sweet. Seeing our little ones "play together" was delightful.

The black and white photos are from Wednesday, May 30th, when they met for the first time. The other shots are from sometime last week while we were all at Grammy and Grandpa's house in Michigan.

Katharina is a doll. She took one look at Ralphie and exploded in smiles and grins. Ralphie loved her, too! 

Sebastian thought his little cousin was pretty cool, too. He definitely knew he wasn't his sister. He tried to be "gentle" and give some sweet lovin's to Ralphie's face, but ended up poking him in the eye instead. Someday when they're rough and tough boys, Sebastian will tease Ralphie that he wasn't man enough to take a little poke in the eye. ;)


Their faces in this crack me up!

"Excuse me, cous, I need to get through."
"Yeah, no problem, man, just use my back as a bridge. I don't mind."

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