Friday, January 18, 2013

A Little of Life

Here we are, already half-way through January, and if it weren't for Project 365 I'd have no pictures to share. The holiday bustle ended, and it seemed for three days we breathed. Then, life just keeps moving. Daniel is busier than ever with this thing we call church planting. He loves every minute of it. 

We both do.

And Ralphie and me? Well, we just keep busy living. Exploring, learning, creating, enjoying. So thankful to be home with this blessing.

I'm consoling myself with his approaching birthday by putting all my emotions into creating the best birthday party ever. [i wish.] Seriously, this mama has to fight back tears daily as the reality is only too evident that her little guy is growing fast.

We've watched the rain come down for the last two days. It threatened snow, but never hit us. Today the sun is shining, and I'm envisioning a walk in the nippy air down in the Gardens after lunch.

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