Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ralphie is 11 months old!

My sweet darling Ralphie,

One more month. One more month of you being legitimately baby. What a month you've had!

Growing, growing, growing, that's what you did all December. Your round little belly makes me giggle and grin. You love to eat!

You are our curious explorer. Our chatty little friend. Our sweet snuggler.

You wave to people, and hold your hand out to say hi. Sometimes you make a fist and pump it up into the air. [Yes, it looks like a Heil Hitler!]

You [finally!] will crawl hands and knees about 40% of the time. Our days involve me reminding you, "Belly off the floor!" Oddly enough, I think you know what I mean.

You love best, out of all your tricks, standing up and furniture walking. Your chubby baby feet have lost their curl, and its easy to put your shoes on now. You'll be walking in no time, and then the adventures will be even bigger!

Plans for your 1st Birthday party are underway, but that doesn't mean I am rushing this 11th month. No, siree. It would be alright with me if February 10th took fourteen weeks to come, instead of just four. I want to savor every moment of you just as you are. You are so precious.

You and your daddy have lots of fun these days. You are playful and expressive, and Daddy takes full advantage. Block towers, wrestling matches, airplane rides... you love it all. You know the squeak the front door makes when it opens, and you know its your Daddy coming home. You let out a little squeal, lift your hands in the air, and smile at him, all giddy with excitement. It melts my heart.

Quite honestly, this age has just been a blast. There are so many things to learn, so many things to explore. You say "mama" and "dada" and make other noises, but only "mama" do you know belongs with me. You are still 100% a mama's boy. I am glad.

You love other children, and have finally started to joyfully go to the nurseries at the gym and at church. You crawl around and play, and even make some friends along the way.

You love love love clementines. I think we went through the first 5lb bag in a week, just you and me. You love green smoothies, and rice cakes with raspberry jelly. You love sharing your food with Zoe to your mother's consternation. No matter how many times I tell you "no" or I tell Zoe to go away, if my back is turned but ten seconds, you've got your little hands reaching down to her, and she's happily licking whatever you offer.

You are a joy, Ralphie. Your Daddy and I love you more than we could even say. We are thankful for you, and love to see you learn and grow. As much as we love you now, we can't believe how much our love grows. More than last month. And even more next. Baby, you are our treasure, and every day we thank God for giving you to us.

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  1. He looks so much like you, Ashlee!!!! So adorable!