Wednesday, January 30, 2013


 Little boys.

Adventurous, playful explorers. Destructive, energetic, dirt-lovers. Sensitive, thoughtful snugglers.

Easily, they win their way to my heart.

Of course, girls are special too. In their own unique ways each gender has so much to offer a heart ready to adore. But, right now I'm a mama to this little guy, and I'm soaking up all the boy-ness.

We had a blast recently with Ralphie's big-boy friends Deacon and Owen. "He is really, really cute," Owen told me yesterday; and Deacon always has a hug and an eskimo kiss for Ralphie. 
He watches everything they do, soaks it all in.

Goofy, curious life-lovers. Funny, imaginative story-tellers.

Mama's-boys, food-lovers, mess-makers, kiss-takers, joke-tellers, question-askers. The fun never ends.

Then they grow up... and they don't really change all that much. 


  1. He looks SOOO big in these!!! Love him :D

  2. He is SO big! Only 5 more days of being 11 months. :)