Monday, March 25, 2013

Boy? Or Girl?

This coming weekend we'll be finding out if little #2's is a boy or a girl!

I'll be honest, I've had some uncertainty the last couple of days, but my husband and sister did some "convincing" and now I'm back on track for the big gender reveal. 

Mama and Daddy are both sure our little baby is a GIRL.

Auntie Angela thinks it's a GIRL.

Most of our close friends think it's a GIRL, too... 

Whether they want a girl, or genuinely think it's a girl... that is the question. ;) Of course, we just want a happy and healthy baby, but that should go without saying. I'm looking forward to bonding in a different way with this baby, and perhaps deciding if I like the surprise or the reveal better. I, personally, have a laundry list of reasons I would want both a boy or a girl. No matter what color this baby wears, blessings will abound!

SO. Leave a comment with your guess!

Is it a darling little boy? 

Or a precious baby girl?

Saturday we'll tally up the votes, and do a photo shoot reveal. Winning team gets the satisfaction of being right, and saying "I told you so," as many times as it pleases them!

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