Monday, April 12, 2010

A little bit of everything

Daniel made his last venture to Ohio before our wedding this past weekend. We had two double dates. Looked at some furniture. Worked on our budget. Were in charge of my mom's moving sale Saturday afternoon, and went to my first NBA game on Sunday. Wish we had more pictures than we do. It was a fantastic weekend

Saturday, my avid reader was dragged out of his lawn chair to learn how to ride a dirt bike. I love that his pencil is still behind his ear. <3

Without thinking I told him "It completes your manliness." I got a look when I said that. So I corrected myself. It **enhances** his maniless. I couldn't stop smiling. 

Daniel's Orlando Magic v. the Cleveland Caviliers
The tickets were my Christmas present to him... we've been waiting 4 months for this game, and didn't even get to see Lebron James play!

I liked "Z" though. Mostly because he's from Eastern Europe and I have this thing for Eastern European countries. :) Check this out: He's 7'3, I'm 5'3 He's 260 pounds, and I'm less than that. And I can fit my hand in his palm. Pretty incredible.

54 days til we get hitched!

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