Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One of my dear bridesmaids, Andersen, came and spent an entire week, and then some, with me. The week was dedicated to "wedding stuff," but we did manage to do some other things, and have good girl time.

Our to do list included:

order flowers
buy candles and votivs
buy fake daisies for flower girls
buy invitations, and stamps
buy ribbon for decorations, etc

buy jars for favors
buy wax and seal
buy invitations
assemble invitations
send out invitations
shoes for flower girls
shoes for the bride :)
make practice bouquet
make flower girl baskets
make flower girl halos
make cake cutters
make Just Married sign

make jars for favors 

And except for the flowers still unordered, and the invitations sitting in a box unmailed we got everything done! Though Daniel and I will be engaged for 10 months, our planning time is only 5 months because of my sisters wedding in December. My goal is to be finished with everything by May 1st, and happily, there are only a few things left on the list.

The delicious old-fashioned candy stick favors in wedding colors. They make me happy.

Invitations were quite a project, especially with two helpful little flower girls climbing on our laps to help. But they turned out beautifully.

Would you believe that a flower girl basket at any craft store can cost almost as much as $20 each? We found these sweet little baskets for a $1 each at the Flower Factory, and added the ribbon for an extra $2 a spool. Over all I made 3 baskets for about $8.

Another advantage of a summer wedding: Easter dresses on sale months before the wedding. :) Found these precious things in our baby blue wedding color at Target (of all places!)

She didn't really want to take pictures, but was doing it to get the candy I promised. Pretty white parasol, huh? :)

59 days til the wedding!

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  1. Aw, Ashlee, the girls dresses are adorable! And the favors are PERFECT! Ahhh, I can't believe it's so soon :0