Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Story - Part IX

So he began writing, and thoughtfully penned his to her his desire. He wanted to included everything that was important, did not want to be overly flattering, yet still wished to express his whole heart.

When that letter arrived, November 12th, 2008, it was placed almost immediately in Ashlee’s hand. Her stomach twisted into a knot, and before opening it she took a long, deep breath. Somewhere inside of her heart she knew what it was going to say.
The world around her faded away as her eyes focused on the pages before her. She was nervous, excited, uncertain, anxious, confused—and just wanted to cry and scream and laugh all at the same time. She hardly knew what to think, so she didn’t.

The letter had been handed to her on her way to work. Her mother and sister were dropping her off on this particular day, so she was able to read it in quiet, before beginning her work day. That simple fact turned out to be a heaven-send. All she was able to say when they arrived at work was that Daniel Wells wanted to start a courtship with her. She didn't know if she should smile or laugh or look serious. Her expression as she told them was a mix of all three. Both Mom and Angela smiled, and Ashlee thought there seemed to be very little surprise in their countenances.

She pretended to go right into work, but as soon as their family suburban was out of the driveway she ran into the woods, and walked along the trails, sighing, and praying—just pouring out her heart to the Lord. She then read the letter again, and upon finishing it laughed with joy. She did not know what answer she would give him, but she was filled with the joy of the Lord, knowing that whatever happened, God would lead her.

                                                                       .... to be continued....

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