Monday, April 12, 2010

Note to All Brides:

"In olden times many royal families would seal their important letters with wax and deboss a design that signified who the sender was..." reads a small package of meltable wax I bought at Michael's for $4.99 "Add elegance and style to your invitations... with beautifully designed envelope seals."

What the box doesn't tell you is that we no longer live in olden times where beauty, tradition and the family name are appreciated. Each little seal costs .20 cents extra at the post office... .20 cents that comes in a little black lick-on stamp with a golden eagle and a dark green oval on it. (Bleh).

Sadly... the finishing touch to our invitations had to be omitted. (Could have added ugly black stamps to the front to make the back look special, or saved the money and just let the front stay nice, and the back be plain.)

Weren't they pretty? **sigh** I have learned to live in reality as I plan this wedding.
Sometimes it makes me want to cry. 

So girls. If you're planning a wedding now, or will sometime in the future remember three things about invitations:
  • Square invites cost extra
  • Heavy bows, clips or ribbon cost extra
  • Pretty wax seals cost extra, too

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