Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Aliza Rose

On this day, six years ago, mom knew the baby was finally coming! She was a whole week late, which was odd for my mom's babies, who usually come a day before or after their due date. I remember Nick and I were running together at the time, and were up for our morning routine. But as soon as Mom told me she was in labor, running was the last thing on my mind. So I sat and waited with her, and Nick went running. And Nick came home. And slowly the rest of the kids woke up, and the exciting day was underway. Dad came home from work, our grandma came over, and the mid-wife arrived.

At this point our family was nine. Mom, Dad, two girls, five boys. We girls were well out numbered, and we knew it.

The summer I turned fourteen I remember praying consistently for a baby sister. Nolan, then the baby, had just turned two, and as far as Angela and I were concerned, it was time for another baby! So we guessed when she would tell us, and in secret code (I think it was MTP - Mom Tell Pregnant :-P) circled the date on the calendar we thought she would announce it: September 27th. 

But Mom beat us to it, and September 26th she told us a new baby would be here before next summer!

O, I hoped and prayed it was a girl! We all hoped and prayed it was a girl. Of course we would take a boy, everyone knew we loved boys, but how badly we wanted a pretty baby girl!

Well, it was a girl. And sweet Aliza Rose has blessed us with her life for a whole six years. She is quite the drama queen, and busy, busy, busy. Loves friends and pretty things. Just lost her two bottom teeth and learned how to ride a two-wheeler. Her most recent witticism was telling mom, "I really like the mall, Mom. I'm just not a Target girl." :-P

This girl is my Poppet - my girl. I watch her and want to pull my hair out because she is so very much like me when I was her age.

I've been having some fun with iMovie recently, and put this together in honor of her Very First Birthday.

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