Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Next?

Remember being a senior in high school (or imagine, for those of you yet to experience it)? What's the one question every adult will inevitably ask?

"What are you doing next?" right? They want to know: College? Where? When? What will you study, etc, etc.

And you get to smile and share the same exciting details over and over and over again. Until you're sick of it.

Well, college is the same way (I've heard), and Grad school is too (I'm experiencing). Unless you're settled down with a couple of kids there is always going to be someone asking you, "What are you doing next?" 

Finishing seminary is a difficult task. I am so proud of my husband! He tries to say, "O, it's just seminary, it's not like becoming a lawyer," which is certainly true. But it is still a challenge and takes a great amount of diligence and perseverance. I particularly admire how he re-organized his first and second years when I came on the scene. So confident was he that I was God's choice for his wife, that he  loaded up on virtual classes, and never took J-term off, so that the year we would be married - this year -  he would have more time to be home and a be a husband. I am so very thankful for that! Yet, even this year has been tough: Juggling several part time jobs, a full class load, and a directed study course is not easy. But he's nearly done! Classes are over, a couple more exams to finish, a paper or two more to turn in,  graduation commencement, and his academic career will be complete (maybe?).

So, here we are - Daniel and I, that is - approaching the end of one journey and the beginning of another, and at least every day "What are we doing next?" crosses our minds. We think we know, and then we don't. We are blessed to at least have opportunities.

This summer we will be in Charlotte still, working with another church on evangelism and outreach stuff. Daniel is going to try his hand at organizing and running a Vacation Bible School, and I'll help as much as I am able. Daniel is especially excited to work at this church because their pastor considers it a revitalization church plant. Unfortunately, like many churches in the United States, this church has grown older without growing larger, and now the average member is at least 70 years old. Their new pastor is excited for the challenge to get this church going again, and Daniel is nearly thrilled to help him.

I'll be working full time with the kids, going to the zoos and Carowinds and swimming at the YMCA. I better have a serious tan by the end of July!

For the fall there are several opportunities that we are pursuing. What is incredible is the obvious ways God has shown us "I'm going to lead you." Which really is a blessing and an answer to prayer. When your "plan" changes within an hour, you know God is doing something!

So, at this point, we're still uncertain, but are proactively seeking opportunities to see where God would have us go.

It's exciting. We both struggled this year with the temptation to think of our lives as not begun - to think we could really be the people we wanted to be after seminary, when we were living how we wanted. But we both, in turn, had to correct the other. Our lives have already begun, each day we're responsible for how we live, whether we're where we want to be, or not. But even with that mindset cast aside, we are still anxiously anticipating the next season of our lives, and are excited to see where God would have us go, and what he would have us do for His glory.

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