Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meet Zoe

Our Sweet New Puppy!

We've been talking about a dog for quite some time now. Daniel has especially been talking about a dog. After graduation, with his flexible work schedule this summer, seemed a good time to add this little addition to our family. :) He would have been happy with any ol' dog, but me - I had to have a baby. We also knew we wanted to adopt a puppy, and not get a purebred from a breeder or pet store.
We found Zoe at Animal Control where she's been living with her three sisters. We don't know where Mommy is, sadly. She's only about six weeks old. We played with her first by herself for awhile, and then had her sisters brought in too. They were all adorable and unique, but for both of us, and Daniel especially it was love at first sight. Zoe was spunky and frisky, and so very quirky. She has this funny army-crawl that she does, with her tail wagging rigorously all the while! It's hilarious. We wished we could take them all with us, but know that the rest of the cuties will find good homes soon enough.

She went from a un-owned number to a adopted and unconditionally loved Zoe!
She was in serious need of a bath. So we did that as soon as we got home.

She tolerated it fairly well. Looks so tiny here!

Love those ears!
We had a hard time picking out a name. Even after we decided on Zoe (say the E) I was still trying to think of something else. After a day though, I think it fits. In Greek, Zoe means "life." Given we rescued this little one from Animal Control, and she has quite a funky personality, "Zoe" fits doubly well.


Maura and Michael were just itching to meet her!

Michael had a hard time learning how to hold her... he'll get it, eventually. :)
Zoe and Isabelle were a trip. Isabelle did fabulously, and even seemed to understand she couldn't play too rough - though Zoe did get batted at several times in the excitement of everything. They chased each other around, and Zoe nibbled at Izzy's feet.

Stay tuned - the puppymoon will end shortly, and doggie training will begin! :-D


  1. AWWWWWW! Ash, she's SO cute! Can't wait to come see her (and you, of course =P)!

  2. This is so adorable! But my favorite part has to be the way Michael is holding her... hilariously cute.

  3. I LOVE HER!!!! :D :D :D :D She's so so SO cute! What breed is she?

    Congratulations on your addition, I can't wait to hear more about her! :)

  4. Well, we were told she was a lab, but she obviously isn't. She may have some lab in her, though. I think she's just a purebred mutt. :)