Sunday, January 15, 2012

32 Weeks

Dear Baby,

In two months time you'll be here. It seems surreal to me. I feel you bump around inside of me every day, I hear your strong, healthy heartbeat at every midwife appointment, my belly keeps growing and growing, and Daddy and I are slowly getting things ready in the nursery - in your room. But the realization that there inside of me is a complete little person who will be ours to care for and love is often beyond my comprehension.

You are a miracle.

I am head over heels in love with you already.

You are worth every ache, every pain, every pound. I am so very thankful for you.

I sometimes want to burst into a fit of giggles as you jump around inside of me. You are so active! Daddy says maybe you'll be the next Tim Tebow, if you're a boy.

I think you're a girl, though. I wasn't sure for a long time. I kept going back and forth, back and forth. But now I would be very surprised if you were born a boy. I'm nearly certain you'll be our sweet baby girl.

And if you're not, I will be beyond delighted to be wrong, and call you our handsome lil man.

Either way, I'm hoping you have red hair. Dark and rich like your daddy's, and thick and wavy like my moms was when she was born. I hope you don't mind. I think it's beautiful. If you do have red hair and you don't like it, you can say it's all my fault, since I prayed for it.

(If you are born bald and end up having muddy colored hair like I do I'll still love you to pieces. I promise.)

I have always loved springtime, especially since we have lived in Charlotte. But now, springtime is even more dear to me, and I will always look forward to it with more expectancy because it will be the time when we will celebrate your birth. Getting married at the beginning of summer, in June, always seemed just perfect to me, and having a baby in the first weeks of spring when everything is beginning to bud and bloom again seems just as wonderful. But I'm biased.

I cannot wait to make memories with you. To bring you home from the hospital. To take you to church for the first time. To dress you up, and give you your first bath. I can't wait to see your first smiles, and hear the sound of your coos.

I am preparing to be completely enraptured with you, and with everything you do. If I don't set you down for more than ten minutes the first two weeks of your life here, I don't think the world will end. But, I suppose I should share you with your daddy... he is so excited, too. He loves knowing your gender, even though I don't. He says that sometimes he pictures your face and thinks of you by a certain name (even though we still don't know what we'll call you for sure). I know that is so precious for him, especially since he doesn't get to hold you like I do every moment of the day right now.

Dear Baby, we pray for you daily. We pray for your healthy and safety. We pray you will be born complete and whole. We thank our heavenly Father for you daily, because we know you are wonderfully made, and we rejoice in your life. Our deepest desire, our most fervent prayer is that you will not know a day, or even an hour, when you do not know Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.

All my love,

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