Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Bedroom - Progress complete?

I love picking things up as I find them at thrift stores and on clearance shelves. Consequently, our home decor is a continual work in progress. Someday, when we have our house o' dreams I hope things can be more permanent. But that's not the stage of life we're in right now, so I'll enjoy my occasional thrift finds and bargain hunts. :)

So that the clutter doesn't accumulate, and the spending doesn't get out of hand, I try to keep mental lists of rooms and areas I would like to update, of certain items I'd like, and/ or projects that I'd like to do if ever the right supplies come along.

For about 6 months now several of the things on my list were a good collection of pretty silk flowers, white vases and baskets, and white frames to decorate the IKEA bookshelves we bought back in September.

I'm very pleased with the way it all came together, and thankful that between a $50 IKEA coupon and some great snags at thrift stores I spent about $40 (curtains and rod included) on everything! Coolio, huh? :) 
linen curtains on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond 
Frame $3.99 at Goodwill - Added lace that I already had
Flower bouquet from Salvation Army. I loved that it doesn't look ridiculously fake. $3.99

Vase @ Sal-Val for $3 - added silk flowers and dragonfly, also from Sal-Val for < $2

silk flowers, wooden vase, basket, picket fence box - various thrift stores

The complete works of Victor Hugo - booksale years ago for $1 a book -
 bird house left over from wedding decor - silk flowers from sal-val

Free frames from IKEA!

pretty books, thrifted frame, handmade clock from an elder at church, old family Bibles
 and a boring bottom shelf I'm still working on.

When I asked Daniel what he thought, he smiled and said he liked it. "It feels like I'm in a garden."

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  1. Wow! I love it!! Everything is tied together so well, and I love the blue color. Mom