Sunday, January 22, 2012

33 Weeks!

 How far along?: 33 weeks - 7 weeks or 49 days to go. Wow!
Total Weight Gain: 20+
Maternity clothes? Yes :)
Stretch marks? not on my belly ;)
Sleep: eh... it's alright. I get it somehow, right? That's what's important.
Best moment this week: Baby's kicks and punches are getting much, much stronger, and one evening this week I had Daniel feel for it. He was completely AMAZED. "That's the baby? Is it supposed to be that strong? Wow!" Then he was bragging to friends later about how active and strong his baby was. <3 <3 The shower last weekend was also really special.
Movement: O, yes.
Cravings: potatoes and sugar snap peas... not together.
Gender Predictions: I was so confident about Baby being a girl until I announced aloud at my shower that I thought it was a girl. Ever since then I can't shake the thought that maybe it's a boy!... gah.
Labor Signs: no
Belly Button in or out? Out, and I'm proud of it.
What I miss: still miss sleeping on my back, but other than that I am super lovin' bein' pregnant.
What I am looking forward to: Making progress on the nursery, and slowly filling the dresser drawers with little things. :) We start birthing classes on Tuesday, and are doing a Taking Care of Baby and Infant CPR class this Thursday, as well as a Breastfeeding class on Saturday - busy week!
Weekly Wisdom: This isn't wisdom... it's more of an observation I've made about myself. Most people say that the 2nd trimester is the honeymoon, or "babymoon," but I've found my 3rd to be the most enjoyable so far. I feel pregnant, I look pregnant, and the expectancy of this little one's arrival heightens every day!
Milestones: Nothing major, I don't think... we're just movin' right along. :)


  1. Ah! I still think it's a girl :P And Josh had me almost convinced that he actually knew what it was (and he says boy, fyi)...but he doesn't. Either he's a good liar or I'm really gullible, haha.

    1. :-D We'll just have to see who's right... you or him. Do you have bets placed? You totally should. Winner buys the other a new book or something. :-P

    2. haha. I totally meant "loser buys the other" :)

  2. So wonderful. We keep praying!