Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rearranged Master Bedroom - in progress

About a month ago Daniel and I went to IKEA. We decided then that sometime in the near future we wanted to buy some of their inexpensive, but sturdy bookshelves so that we could get a large majority of Daniel's library out of the soon-to-be-nursery. We decided the most practical place to put the new shelves would be our bedroom, since we still had a good amount of wall space, and wouldn't have to rearrange too much furniture (unlike the project our family room would have been).

Labor Day we went out and made our purchase, and since then it's been a gradual work in progress to get everything assembled and secured. We finally finished that first part of the project Saturday afternoon, and boy am I happy!

We're both so pleased with the final result, and cannot believe the improvement it made to put such a large number of books altogether. They look much neater now, instead of scattered across assorted shelves misplaced all over the house!

Putting these shelves together, and securing them, and especially hanging that wall shelf were HARD WORK. We are not a "handy" couple. Honestly, it was a struggle. Everything that could go wrong, seemed to go wrong. I laughed a lot. Tried not to laugh too much, and Daniel learned patience and perseverance. Next time - we'll be pros!

Four shelves and a wall shelf. Still want to get some pictures and other decor items to pull it together. Love having the desk in our room too. We're hoping to make it the "permanent" place for the macbook, and a work place for me a my new business venture (you'll see soon enough).

Still need to find something for the printer. I'd like to keep the desk clear so I can set the sewing machine, or my scrapbooking stuff up without too much hassle, and have plenty of working space. However, keeping the printer on the floor isn't going to work, either. I'll keep my eyes open for one of those little shelves on wheels to roll underneath the desk...

Hoping to get that painting framed this month, too, and find a special vase for my wedding bouquet. The petals are getting crumpled from lying on its side.

This lamp needs to go, too. It's practical but not pretty... I try to find both. ;) For now, we need the lighting, but maybe something will show up at goodwill. Who knows!

Curtains or a valence are on the check-Goodwill-list, too. And someday we'll have our beautiful four poster bed... maybe in our next place. :)

So that's it! Of course I don't have "before" pictures. But, I think our room is slowly coming together and looking more settled than last year when I first moved in, or even the paint make-over the furniture got in the spring. With Daniel's position with the church seeming more permanent for the next couple of years I've been able to make more plans for decorating and arranging the house. Unless they jack our lease up again next year...

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