Sunday, September 25, 2011

16 Weeks and New Little Sweaters

I can hardly believe we've reached 16 weeks. Really, between the nausea and exhaustion I felt like the second trimester would never come - but here it is, rolling right along! Still queasy every now and again - even had a couple of "awful" days this past week. But I'm just so thankful that Baby is healthy, and that we've gotten this far safely.

I went with a friend to my first consignment sale here in Charlotte and poked around for some gender neutral pieces, and any other hidden treasures I might find. The two little sweaters I found for $5 total made my day.

This one will be perfect for Spring. It's just so teeny. The pictures don't represent the size accurately. Plus, who doesn't love yellow? O, I love yellow.

This one I'm picturing with a cute pair of baby jeans and a little hat for a boy, or with some colorful leggings on a lil girl, a year or so from now, when we take stroller rides on the Greenway. :)

Ain't they cute? Can't wait to put Baby in them!!

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