Wednesday, February 1, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge

For a Christmas and Birthday present this year my wonderful husband bought me, what I call, "a real, fancy camera." What that actually means is a Canon EOS Digital Xsi Rebel with a 50 mm lens. Yeah, I'm confused, too.

I am tickled to death at the thought of this new camera and all the possibilities that are in front of me with it, but I am definitely fighting some serious temptation to just switch right to auto as soon as I power the spiffy thing on!

So, in an effort to teach myself to use my camera in manual exclusively (where I pick all the settings and tell the camera what do to) I am going to do this 30 Day Photography Challenge through the month of February.

Right, I know. February is only 29 days this year. So, I'll have to double up on photos some days. I've already missed Day 1, so I'm technically 2 days behind. Whatever. The goal is not to do it perfectly, but just to get out there and use my camera. And of course, I'll be blogging all the results, unless I am completely embarrassed with some of them, in which case, you would have to beg pretty hard to get me to post. ;)

Found the idea on Pinterest, with the original linking back to whitepeachblog.

So, I'm super pumped! Want to join me? You definitely don't have to have a real, fancy camera to have fun with this project! I think this is a perfect month to do, this, too. What a great way to make spring come faster!


  1. This sounds like fun. I might have to try it next month! :D

  2. I'm so excited to see the results! SO EXCITED. :D