Friday, February 3, 2012


I love memories. I love pictures. I love that pictures can capture memories for us.

When I made our wedding album over a year ago, I took it to church to show some of our friends, so they could see our wedding pictures. Within a couple weeks two separate women came to me and asked if I could do albums for them, and how much would I charge?

When I finished the first album the recipient was so happy that she insisted I make business cards she could share with her friends.

And my entrepreneur juices started to flow. 

Well, let's just say I'm not a very good business woman, and the whole idea didn't take flight. 

But in the last three months or so my husband and I have been talking.... I want to stay home, but want to stay busy. We don't "need" me to work to live comfortably, but as long as our family can function healthily and happily, why shouldn't I find a little something to bring in some extra dough - even something for me to do and to enjoy? "Tent making," "home business," call it whatever you want.

A lot of it is still in the works. We have lots of transitions quickly approaching us, and this is one of the ideas we will be working on over the course of this year.

A home-based, family-operated business with a theme revolving around photographs and memories. Something to help one cherish the days gone by, if you will.

We have lots of different ideas. Lots of different avenues we want to venture down. We know we shouldn't bite off more than we can chew, so we want to start slow and small.... 

But back to the albums.

I enjoy every minute spent creatively piecing together picture after picture -  organizing and styling, choosing themes and colors. The albums are beautiful keepsakes once printed, and the finished results have always exceeded our expectations.

So, my request for you, friends, is to spread the word! 

Who do you know that has a stack (or box) of pictures to be organized and displayed in a beautiful album? Who has recently been married and wants something to do with her favorite wedding photos - all 800 of them? Who likes to give especially sentimental gifts? Who likes to brag about their grandkids? 

Do you know anyone who might want an album? Maybe you're a photographer who hands your clients a cd of their photos - why not suggest a beautiful album as well? 

The pictures can be digital or hard copy prints. Old or as recent as last weekend's skiing trip. My last project I used pictures that were dated back to 1917!

Like I said earlier, this venture will be slow-moving. We're getting ready for a baby, and other transitions we'll tell you about later. But even baby steps can get us somewhere.

If you're interested, or know anyone who might be, will you send them over this way? They can contact me through email here.

Here is a virtual preview of my latest album, so that you have an idea of what I'm talking about, as well.

Blessings and Love,

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  1. Ooo! I had no clue about all this! So exciting. :D I'll let you know if I need any work done!! This site might inspire you: