Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Buh-Bye Daddy...

... we're gonna miss you bunches.

Always hate when Daniel has to leave. I try to come up with a hundred extra things to do with myself so I don't think about him being gone so much. I'm extra thankful for Ralphie, [coughs] and Zoe, when I'm home alone. Someone to talk to and play with!

This week Daniel's helping his mom move out of her home in Florida, then next week we'll head up to Ohio to help her move into her new home there, with a short detour to Michigan to see my family. Exciting stuff! Thankful my husband has a schedule flexible enough to allow him to help family when he needs to. 

Planning to [Finally!] finish the nursery, which means making the crib skirt, visit and talk to some friends, have a girls movie night, make up some fresh bread for the freezer and read, read, read.

Here's a bit o' every day life at our house:

"O, hi mama!"

staring contest. ;)

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