Sunday, August 5, 2012


Life. It comes at us fast sometime, doesn't it? 

We're coming out of a really busy season for our family. Things are settling more. I feel like I haven't been this chill in years - if ever. I can actually sit and read the afternoon away, and nothing is being neglected! Reading is good for my mind, so I'm thankful for those moments, since I know there won't be many as the months move onward.

But even in the busy-ness we should take time to ponder. To reflect. To give thanks.

No matter where life takes me I never want to reach a point where I cannot stop, reflect, and be thankful.

One afternoon Ralphie and I took a walk through Glen Cairn Garden to do just that. I brought my camera along, and as I reflected and took a break from doing to just be I observed the world around me. These pictures are what I saw.

It's important to reflect, not just in life, but in God's word. Something that I was recently taught has helped me immensely with that. It's called SOAP. Scripture. Observation. Application. Prayer.

S - Each SOAP begins with your choice of a passage of Scripture. I've gone through Ephesians, James,  some Psalms, 1 John,  Proverbs 31, and now Lamentations. You simply read.

O - as you read, jot down or underline passages, verses, or phrases that stick out to you. Explain what you think it means. Explain why it stands out to you.

A - Write out a concrete application based on your observation. This is something you can do, or something to be mindful of. For example, in recently working my way through Proverbs 31 I felt the Spirit convicting me that I needed to seek after wisdom (Prov 31:26). So, my application for that morning was to commit to reading the corresponding Proverb each day through the month.

P - finally, journal a prayer, especially focusing on what you have just read, observed, and applied.

I have been so blessed by this method of personal devotion. Some mornings I spend quite a bit of time reading, writing, and praying. Other mornings, it's five minutes to read and jot down an observation. But as I grow, my hope is that this time will become more regular, more steady - even on the busy days.

Because, through reflection, we worship. And that's what life is all about.

So take some time to SOAP it up.


  1. I love this, and am always looking for new devotion methods- this is great! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love this, and I am reading through Proverbs too! What a productive devotional.


  3. SOAP has been huge for me too, and I prob wouldn't have dove in if Daniel hadn't been so taken by it.


    1. That's funny, Andy, cause Ellie was the one who got me so into it! :) Iron sharpens iron.