Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Top Baby Items

As Ralphie's 6 Month Birthday approaches (!!!) I've been thinking about all the baby stuff we have, what we love, and what's just OK.

So here is my Top 12 List of "essentials" to get any mama through the first 6 months. Of course they're not all necessities, but I was thankful for each item on this list.

12. A good car seat

I love our Chicco Keyfit 30 in Limonata. It has a super snug and secure fit, even coming home from the hospital at 6 pounds. The padded head cushion moves up as baby grows. Only complaint is that the visor isn't quite long enough to really block the sun. I love the sleek look of this carseat, too. It's not ridiculously bulky. 

11. Bouncy Seat

An oldie, but a goodie. I love that this "toy" can move to wherever I am. The particular one that we got is really cozy, but the toys are not that interesting... still, very useful.Planning to use this as a high chair when we introduce solids next month, too!

10. "Neuron Stimulator"/ Floor Mat

Definitely the most-loved "toy" we have. Great for tummy time, and endless hours of entertainment. It was especially adorable when he realized he could play with all the things hanging above him.

9. Amber Teething Necklace

Amber, when warmed against the skin, works as an anti-inflammatory pain reliever, helping to reduce the effects of teething naturally. No dyes, so syrups, no high fructose corn syrup. Sold? I was. We'll see how they work when his little toothers are ready to pop through. In the meantime, I still try to keep it on him, because it's supposed to reduce drool, and boost immunity. Definitely worth the average $20 retail.

8. Glider 

Just get one. Your new-mama-nursing-back will thank you. So comfy, especially at 3am.

7. Puj Tub 

I love, love, love our Puj Tub! It opens in a snap, and cleans in a jiffy. There's no huge tub to fill, or store. It hangs easy, peasy on a hook in your bathroom. When he was little we used the bathroom sink. And although the box does not recommend this, I use it in the kitchen sink now (he was pushing himself out of the bathroom sink). It really is fabulous. And now they're making them in pretty, fresh colors! Get one. You'll love it.

6. Cloth Diapers

The average disposable diaper takes at least 200 years to decompose (I thought it was 90, but checked my facts and was SHOCKED.) Disposables have harsh toxins that are linked to cancer, and cost an average of $1000-$1600 per child per year, depending on the brand and frequency of change. Cloth diapers are used up to 200 times on multiple babies before they can be used for cleaning rags. They contain no harsh chemicals or toxins, and cost $100-$1000 from birth to potty depending on the brand and style you choose. These facts sold us. We LOVE all of our cloth diapers. I plan to post more about them later, so stay tuned if you're interested.

5. Bumbleride Indie

**drolls** It pushes through grass, sand, gravel and dirt like butter. It's cute, weighs only 20 pounds, and is safe for baby from birth til 45 pounds. It's the stroller of all strollers.

4. Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets

These things are SO wonderful. Large and lightweight, they are perfect for swaddling, cuddling, and nursing. Ralphie is already attached to his. 

3. Moby Wrap

We love our Moby Wrap. There are so many slings and baby carriers out there, I honestly didn't even look into all of them too much. I just liked the Moby because of all the different ways you can carry the baby in it, and I had at least one friend who raved about it. :) After six months of use, I can say it was a fabulous choice. I've used it at church, community group, the library; in the airport, restaurants and grocery stores; while shopping, cooking and cleaning. Arms free, baby happy! 

2. Boppy Pillow

This goes along with the glider. You wouldn't guess that nursing a tiny newborn can be hard on your back, but it is! I still prefer to use it while nursing, just because it supports his body so well, and keeps my hands free. It also doubles as a tummy time pillow, photo prop, and sitting assistant!
1.Baby Wise

Our Number #1 baby item cost us .50 cents. We can't begin to say of thankful we are for the principles in this book! Ralphie is not the best-case Baby Wise Baby, but I like to think he is at least an example of how a little can go a long way. He knows how to sleep, and will sleep, just about anywhere. He can sleep through anything, and soothe himself back to sleep if he does wake. His naps and feedings are predictable, giving me freedom to meet friends, go shopping, or go to the gym at consistent times each day.
We haven't taken everything in this book. I, especially, have been "softer" than Dr. Ezzo probably would have liked. But I am my baby's mother, after all.
What we have loved is the security and consistency that it has given Ralphie, and the healthy, happy, content baby he is because of a healthy sleep schedule. 9 times out of 10 he wakes from sleep cooing and smiling. What parent doesn't want that?!
I could go on and on for paragraphs. Tell you our whole story, the ups and downs, and all the victories ... but I'll stop at this: Are you exhuasted? Is your baby grumpy? Do you feel stretched to your limits day after day? Get Baby Wise. It'll change your life. Guaranteed. 

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