Friday, August 3, 2012

Our Home

I've neglected to post these pictures, because I've been waiting, waiting, waiting for everything to be "perfect." Now, nearly 5 months after we've moved in I've figured out that it'll never be perfect. What's the fun in never getting to change things up, anyway? So, here's our home. :)

Family Room
Zoe refused to leave! ha.

I made the curtains from material given to me by a friend.

Zoe again, and her "place" (blanket on the floor).
 IKEA bookshelves that we love. A fraction of Daniel's collection. :)

planning to recover that chair - not a huge fan of animal print.

tons of light in this room. It's a beautiful place to sit all times of the day.

Our Room:
unfinished beg skirt. :)

bunting from dictionary pages, mirror I found in the trash and repainted
IKEA bed we bought for our 2 year anniversary
Bathrooms: (nothing too exciting)

"The Man Cave"
I only took one picture, but what isn't pictured here are the two other walls
that are wall-to-wall of mismatched bookshelves, the desk and a craft/storage closet.
Laundry Room:
SO nice to have one of these!!

love the yellow and the sunshine
lots of counter space

my grandmother's curio cabinet
Have plans to refinish this and recover the chairs. So excited!
Alternative to junk drawers: junk baskets. lol.
We also have a back deck and a front porch. We have plans to get some furniture and make those a little homier. Once we do that, I'll show pictures.

What about Ralphie's room? Well, that, my friends, gets a post of its own... as soon as I finish the final touches.


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