Sunday, December 18, 2011

28 Weeks!

UPDATE: (A side shot per request. :))

 How far along?: 28 weeks
Total Weight Gain: + 15-20
Maternity clothes? Yes :)
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: Pretty good
Best moment this week: I got to hear Baby's heartbeat again on Friday, which is always special. But honestly, the highlight of every day for me is in the evening when Baby starts to do his/her little exercises. :) I just can't get enough of those flutters and bumps. They are precious.
Movement: Yes :)
Cravings: Not really
Gender Predictions: mostly girl, sometimes boy, though. :) Most of our friends think it's a girl.
Labor Signs: no
Belly Button in or out? Basically out! (look closely at the picture - see that little circle in the middle?)
What I miss: sleeping on my back, and red wine
What I am looking forward to: We'll be getting our nursery furniture next week, and I am so excited to really start on the nursery!
Weekly WisdomJust throw your scale out. That thing has given me more grief than it's worth! LoL. Eat healthy, exercise regularly and get plenty of rest and you'll be fine. :)
Milestones: THIRD - and FINAL -  TRIMESTER!!!


  1. Quite honestly, It looks like all you have is a pregnant belly... To me it doesn't look like you've gained anything anywhere else. You look amazing! And congratulations! I'm so excited for this little one to make it's appearance! (And btw, I think it's a boy. I seem to always think it's a boy.)

  2. Thanks Ruby!! I'm happy to hear someone thinks it's a boy, too! It's nice to have a little variety. :)

  3. so very cute! can I see a side view? and ruby's right- you are all belly. 15 pounds of belly (that's different than baby...haha). (and the turquoise dress was a great choice for these. the color is great with the santa hat). love you.

  4. *Laugh* With my sixth brother, *everyone* said they just knew it would be a girl. Dad and I were about the only ones going, "According to our past records...what are the odds?" ;-)

  5. Hannah - My mom got a lot of girl clothes with her 4th boy, because everyone stubbornly thought (or wanted??) it was a girl! :) With number 5, they just bought neutral. :-P

  6. Well...I've thought it was a boy this whole time. Idk why... :) You (and the baby bump hehe) look adorable! :)