Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Weekend in Florida

This past weekend Daniel, Zoe and I headed down to the sunshine state for some quality time with Daniel's mom over her birthday weekend. We left around 4am Friday morning, and the 9 1/2 hour drive just flew by, and we settled into Daniel's mom's house by 1:30.

I was full of excitement when we left Friday morning. Happy, bubbly, and talkative. Daniel tolerated it, I guess you could say. :-P He began to tease me, call me Aliza (my little sister), and point out all the things that made me seem six instead of twenty-one:

Amoxicillin pink socks. :-P
a pillow pet, and french braided pigtails.
Well so what if I seemed more like I was six. The drive just flew by!

Traveling with Zoe was . . . interesting. She did a whole lot better than we expected, but was wide awake for the whole drive - both there and back! She seemed determined not to fall asleep, despite obvious fatigue. Her head would droop a little, her eyelids would slowly flutter, and then she would shake herself awake and stare out the window.

When we finally made it into Tampa we let her keep her window down, and she happily breathed in all the fresh air.

Saturday Janet and I did a little shopping, and then the three of us went to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Janet's birthday. SO yummy. :)

They thoroughly embarrassed her by singing "Happy Birthday" 

Linda's Chocolate Cake - Janet's Favorite
Sunday after worship we met two men of Daniel's dad's football gang at a sport's bar, and then went to watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers get their butts whooped by Cam Newton and posse. Yeah. Not such a great game for Bucs fans. It was beautiful weather though!

The first of the record-setting touchdowns

proudly wearing our colors, and graciously accepting defeat. :-P
(Actually, we didn't stay til the end... it was too depressing for Ralph's friends. ;))
No comments about the ride home... except that it took us almost 11 hours and we were both so tired the rest of Monday we thought we'd been hit by trains. And Zoe was even more awake than on the way down. 

We made it though, and we're glad we had such a great weekend in Florida!

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