Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Fun - Part Two

12 hours of driving sounded daunting to us with a pregnant yours truly and a restless pup. So, we decided to break up our trip, stopping just under halfway, in Charleston, WV. *such* a great idea. The driving part of our trip was so much more enjoyable because of this!

I think this captures a typical day in West Virginia - dusty, gray rustic beauty,
brimming over with good ol' fashioned hard work
Just so this picture doesn't seem contradictory:
The second picture is actually in WV, not "Pure Michigan"

 Boy was it good to get all the hugs and kisses 10 excited bodies had to give when we finally made it late Saturday afternoon! We had just enough time to say hello and unload the car, before we headed off to church for the Christmas Eve service. Once home again, Mom whipped up some heavy hor d'oeuvres and the younger ones were granted their wish to open ONE present.

Then we sunk into our beds heavy-eyed and happy, and before we knew it Christmas morning dawned bright and cheerful! We all slept past eight, and the first present wasn't open until almost 10 o'clock. 

even Baby got something!

Daniel and my grandma, Mare, with the afgan she made him

Zoe got to open her "presents" first, and enjoyed the tennis balls, stuffed whale, and bones very much.

But even when Christmas was over our visit wasn't, and that was great. We had 3 days of fun! . . . read Part Three :)

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