Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Fun - Part Three

Then there was the rest of the week. We most just relaxed and spent time together, which was, of course, nice. 

Zoe was a big hit with the little girls, and even Mom and the boys warmed up to her. Dad tolerated her because he loves us. :) After she got used to the fact that there were over ten people in one house (and two cats!) and that things weren't going to slow down any, she managed alright. The excitement was a bit much the first couple of days, but by Monday afternoon we were mostly proud to call her our dog.

We dressed her up :)
Snuggle time!
"What's this cold wet stuff, and why does it make me sneeze if I try to snort it?" 
Tuesday night we went bowling!

comparing the bump to a bowling ball... 
<3 <3
Noah and Anna
Nevin, Nolan and Nev's friend Nathan

Baby liked bowling, too!

No trip to see Mom would be complete without a visit to Goodwill or Salvation Army, so all the girls headed out Monday morning to see what we could find. I scored big on some silk flowers for our room - pictures to come!

Nicholas has always said having a birthday 3 days after Christmas and the day after his older sister's is a recipe for no birthday celebration at all. So, since the college freshie was home, we thought we'd celebrate a lil. 

After a nice dinner Dad took all of the guys out to see Mission Impossible 4. Then, we had cake and icecream when they got back. Talk about the perfect bedtime snack! ;)

Thursday came so fast. We packed up all of our things, as well as the nursery set that each of my siblings and I used to use for Baby, and prepared for goodbyes. It was sad to leave, and the drive home was not as exciting as the drive there, but it's good to be home. We'll be busy over the next two months planning and preparing for the baby's arrival, and it's a blessing to have things to do.

I have a New Year's post in my head, but in case I don't get to it until January 3rd -
 Happy New Year!


  1. Sounds like fun Ashlee!

    I'm pretty sure we go to the same bowling alley when we come up to Detroit. :)

  2. Really Rachel!? That'd be so neat if it was!