Thursday, October 13, 2011

Renaissance Fest 2011

Last year we enjoyed a day at the Renaissance Festival in Huntersville, NC, just north of Charlotte. We headed out with some friends this year, and had just as much fun! 

We laughed heartily at the Carolina hicks decked out in Medeval garb, parroting English accents, and walking proud as peacocks. Evidently, this is the highlight of the year for many!

Posting read: Duck does not like to be touched.
Well would you like to be if you were dressed in a silly skirt and puff hat?

This was the first and only picture we got in the hat shop before one of our friends noticed the "no pictures, please" sign. Oops.

Daniel and Same chilling on the hammock swings. Seriously, these were SO comfortable!
 Our first show of the day was the sword swallowing man. This was Daniel's favorite, he says. I don't really know why... after attempting to watch this first demonstration I buried my face in Daniel's shoulder. I felt like I was going to gag for a least an hour afterwards. Believe me - this guy was legit. Daniel took the pictures, because I couldn't watch.

Here he is preparing to do "something special" with a drill and 8 inch long bit
 I literally screamed out loud when he did this:
"Something special" meant putting it up his nose.

He had a boy from the audience pull a sword from his throat to help the doubters in the audience who thought it was all fake.

His final act he torched the handle of a sword, and three posts and juggled while swallowing a sword. :-s

This year the Tomato Justice Booth was just as fun. Daniel even got picked on for being "ginger," and a nerd in his grandfather's golfing shorts. :-P



Incredible layered candles. We watched the candlemaker begin cutting one and were fascinated!

 These were exquisite, though!

A man on stilts dressed like a tree

Daniel's Ashlee and Drew's Ashley

Daniel and I with Sir Maximillian, Daniel's favorite knight.
One side effect of spending a day at the Renaissance Festival while pregnant was that I saw the inside of more porta potties than I'd ever cared to. Our friend Sam even joked, "We'll have to remember not to come back with any more pregnant women." :-P 

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