Friday, May 25, 2012

C is for...

C is for Crib!

This particular crib is rather special. Not only is it Ralphie's favorite place to sleep, it was also mine! My parents bought this crib over twenty years ago while awaiting my arrival. [cue "aw"s from audience]. As if that weren't enough  each of my siblings has also slept in this crib as a baby. This crib has been given a lot o' love.

I love the rich cherry wood. I love the delicate rails. I love the baby it now holds.

 The light was beautiful. I hardly did anything to these photos once I got them off of my camera. 
Love when that happens.

 It was a challenge to get shots from different angles, and different expressions, though. Working on "seeing" things that aren't as obvious....

 I watched a photography 101 workshop a couple weeks back, and one of the tips that the photographer shared was looking for lines that point to your subject. I was super excited when I saw that the crib rails provided just that in the photo above.

Check back next Friday to see what D objects Ralphie gets to put his cute little self with! ;)


  1. oh. my. gosh. the 4th picture is to die for. he's so darling, and looks JUST like his daddy!