Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ralphie is Three Months Old!

Baby Boy,

O, how I love you! I can't believe how much more I love you every day.

I keep thinking I don't want you to grow up any more, and then you do something new, and it's just so adorable, that I think, "OK, this stage isn't so bad." You are growing and changing, and even though I'm sad that you aren't a tiny newborn anymore, each new stage is also different and exciting.

And no matter what stage you are in, you are you. And you are what I love most.

This month your fists found your mouth, and now all day long you chew away at them. It is really, really cute.

You learned to somehow rotate yourself when you are on your tummy. I laid you one way for your nap one day, and when I came in to get you up, you had turned a whole 90 degrees! You've done it twice more in the last week while you are playing. You are so strong!

You no longer nurse at night, and if you wake up you put yourself back to sleep eventually... so I guess you're sleeping through the night! I think I need to retrain myself to sleep through the night now, because I still get up two or three times to check on you!

You have a floor mat with toys that hang above. Daddy calls it your "neuron stimulator." Boy, do you love that thing! You kick and kick and kick like you're running a marathon.

Some people say you're starting to look like me, or your uncles. Somedays I see it. Most people still say you look just like Daddy.

You make cute little coos and grunts when you play, or when we talk to you.

Your face explodes in smiles whenever you hear your daddy's voice. It is precious.

You smile a lot. You are a happy baby.

You bring us so much joy, Ralphie. We are so very thankful for your life.

I love you my sweet boy, even more than last month.

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