Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ohio Visit

Several weeks back Ralphie and I headed north for my dear friend Ashley's bridal shower. We did more than just attend a bridal shower, though. It was a jam-packed weekend of fun-fun-fun with old friends for me, and new friends for Ralphie.

First nine photos credit to Rachel over at Photographie is Felicite

So thankful to have such great friends in my life - friends who want to stay in touch even though I live 500 miles away! As we say down south, All y'all are the best.

And of course there was family. No trip up north would be complete without family. Ralphie got to meet his Great-grandma Mare-Mare for the first time! [He loves.]

Oliver meeting Ralphie :)
Auntie Aliza and Auntie Anna
Chloe and Oliver, Ralphie and me - "just being mommies"

Ruby and Ralphie

They don't really have a choice. They have to be friends. :)

Cousin Emilee, Ralphie and Auntie Aliza

my youngest cousin, Evan 
Grandmas give the best lovins

"Uncle" Jamie
Aunt Jesse
Hannah and Christopher, Ralphie and me

And we head back in just a week to party it up big time! Dang, we are SO excited for this wedding. Let me just tell ya...

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  1. That was such fun. Can't wait to see you again!!