Friday, May 18, 2012

Our Home: Family Room [in progress]

It's taken me long enough to get pictures of the new house up... Confession: I was trying to wait until everything was perfect. I have since realized that with limited dollars and time there is only so much one can do, so I've decided to post as-is pictures. In six months time, maybe I'll have all my projects "done" and can repost new pictures???

Our new house is cute. That's how I like to think about it. The owners painted the rooms cottage-ish colors, and all the open windows bring in so much light. I love those windows. I also love the wide, white crown molding/baseboards around the ceilings, windows and floors.

When you walk in our front door, this is what you see:

From the four corners of the room you get this:

We put our IKEA shelves with the "prettiest" of Daniel's our book collection on them. They've been great conversation starters... :)

The beautiful fireplace mantel... I hope to print some canvases to hang above, but for now, I really like it.

As I polish off this room, here is some inspiration I'm keeping in mind:

These palettes: greens, navy, tan, whites and grey.
Eventually, I'd love to create these no-sew roman shades with a fabric similar to what's below. 

We're also looking for a cute (I'm thinking white) coffee table, and some end tables. I'd love if they have room for storage, to help keep things organized and off of the floor. (EDIT: And a big shag rug for that floor)

So, we'll see how it all comes together over the next several months! Setting up house is fun... I seem to get things settle just in time for us to move to the next one. :-P

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  1. So, so cute and welcoming! You did a lovely job decorating. I also really like the floor!