Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One Year Ago...

... two blue lines changed our lives forever.

It was the forth of July weekend. I was "late," and we both had a gut feeling that the baby we were hoping for was coming sooner than we imagined. But we were nervous. Nervous the test would read negative, and we would be sorely disappointed. 

So we kept putting it off.

Friday, July 1st we left to spend a weekend with my family in Michigan. We arrived, the fun began, and yet we couldn't shake the idea. On the plane ride up we agreed we would enjoy the weekend and try not to worry one way or another about the results of an eventual test. We planned to take a test Tuesday morning, together, alone, in our home. 

But within hours of our arrival my sister was on to us, and by Saturday evening she had her husband persuading mine that we should take a pregnancy test soon. Like today... Or tomorrow. 

So Daniel "surprised" me (he's always looking for an excuse to surprise me) by bringing home a test, and we snuck/sneaked/whatever into the basement, alone.

I couldn't look. There were knots in my stomach. Daniel took my hands and we prayed for the Lord's will, whatever the outcome. We prayed we would know his joy, whether positive or negative. But both our hearts were racing with excitement! 30 long seconds passed. I squinted my eyes tightly shut, and squeezed Daniel's hand. 

"What's it doing? Does it say anything yet?" I asked.

"Well, yeah... what does a plus sign mean?" Daniel asked, genuinely confused.

I beamed from ear-to-ear. A smile I could not shake from my face for the next week. "That means I'm pregnant! We're gonna have a baby!"

I was wrapped in a big bear hug. He squeezed me so tight. He was so happy.

We were so happy.

We told his mom first, and then my family after dinner that evening. Then grandparents, and best friends as the days passed.

I remember pure joy, being able to share news that made everyone so happy.

When we got home, we went to Wednesday night prayer meeting at the church we had come to as newlyweds a year before. I thought the room was going to explode with excitement and delight when Daniel made our announcement.

Babies are such a gift. The happiness that surrounds them is infectious.

And now, a year later, we're bouncing our sweet boy, and remembering...

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