Friday, July 20, 2012

Blonde Moment #263

For my birthday this year my sweet Mother-in-Law gave me a TJMaxx gift card. Fun, right? Right. For the past month I have been pondering carefully over what I wanted to use it on, and when I wanted to spend it.

This weekend Daniel's gone. It rained all afternoon. And inside the house was just gloomy and lonesome (except for sweet Baby's coos, of course.) Perfect day to use that gift card, I thought. So we headed out.

Inside the store, I begin my search. Cute little undergarments I've been in need of, a pretty long sweater and new leggings for the fall on clearance, a new leather bound journal, a skinny belt for $2, a super happy orange yoga mat. All things I'd been wanting, at fabulous prices.

I added it all up and I was $8 short of my gift card total. I hate having gift cards with just a little bit left on them, so we circled the store again. Shoes? No. Sunglasses? No. Nail polish? No. Finally, there it was. This beautiful porcelain blue-and-white soap dispenser. Perfect color for my kitchen. Turned it over - clearance for $3.99! I still needed a couple more dollars worth, when I spotted a matched stemmed cup, exactly what I could use to hold my scrubbing brush. 

Goodness, I was a happy woman.

We made it to the check out in high spirits. Excited about every item, and eager to get it all home to enjoy.

The cashier rang me up. $1.25 over my gift card total - pretty darn close! I was happy.

I handed her my gift card and she looked at me strangely.

"Do I need to swipe it, or do you scan it?" I asked, totally ignorant.

She just looked at me again. She was probably thinking, "Is this girl for real?" 

Finally she said, "Honey, you're at Ross, not TJMaxx."

It was a slo-mo kind of moment. A seriously-really-are-you-SURE  kind of moment

She turned around and pointed to the big, blue sign hanging from the ceiling. She looked down at the item she was holding, marked with a small blue tag. There it was plain as day, ROSS.

My heart just sunk. I laughed. Covered my face with my hands. Probably blushed crimson, too. I apologized a hundred times, and watched as she sadly canceled each special item on my receipt...

... at least, in my favor, TJMaxx was the next store over. I just hadn't walked far enough.

But really, no excuse. I seriously spent over an hour in a store and didn't even notice it was the wrong one!

Daniel thinks this is worse than the famous Adios! story... Whadya think?


  1. hahahaha! I would totally do something like that, too :P Did you find anything at TJMaxx?

    1. By the time I was finished it was just after 8, and Ralphie was more than ready for bed, so we just headed home. I think we'll try to go today, though. :)

  2. wow, hahahahaha! That sounds like something I would do in the future. :) (And I bet you can blame some of it on Ralphie, because he was directing you to the store. ;) Babies like to do that.)


  3. O MY GOSH. That's hilarious!!!