Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ralphie is 5 months old!

Baby Boy,

You are delightful. At any given moment I could cover you in a thousand kisses, squeeze your chubby little thighs, or pinch your squishy little cheeks. It's all wonderful. Every part of you.

Five months seems so big to me. Six will be even bigger...

This month you've found your toes. I adore it. I just sit and stare as you explore them moment after moment, perfectly content with your new discovery. You're also twisting more - maybe you'll roll from your back to your belly soon?

You are full of giggles and smiles. You make friends with complete strangers instantly. I am so blessed to have a happy baby like you.

We got you a jumparoo this month, and it is now your favorite toy. It has replaced the ever-popular "neuron stimulator", and now you could spend hours just jumping around giggling at yourself. 

Your drooling continues - just look at these pictures! But no visible signs of a tooth yet.

Your daddy is your best bud. You are so happy when you are playing with him. In the evenings, he comes home from work, and scoops you up. Then the two of you go play on our bed, and I hear sweet coos and Daddy's silly voice... it melts my heart. He tosses you high, holds you upside down, sings little songs to you, and bounces you on his knee. 
You love it all, because you love him.

But you are my boy, too, and you know it. I love our sweet moments together. The way you cling to my shirt when you nurse, and bury your head in my shoulder in exhaustion before your naps. The smiles and giggles you give me, whenever I look your way.

You are friendly, Ralphie. You like people. You like being around people. 
You do not like being alone! 

You and Zoe are becoming better friends. She likes to play with your feet and hands, and you let her (but I don't). This morning you spent a whole three minutes just staring at each other. You in your jumparoo, Zoe sitting right in front of you. It was precious.

Each day with you is a blessing, little one. You are growing before our eyes, and we are in awe of the miracle of you.

We love you. 
Bunches and bunches, and way, way more than last month.

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  1. Thats right ladies! Wet kisses soon to come!!!