Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Best

Happy Lord's Day, Christians!

Thankful for rest and worship today. 

Daniel takes as many preaching gigs as he can these days. Since our church, Hill City, is still only worshipping in the evenings, this means he's available most Sunday mornings. But, it's a lot for Ralphie to go to church twice. It's a lot for him to go to church once. He has his routine, and does so well on it. So, usually, we just stay home in the mornings.

Disadvantage to this: he doesn't get to wear his cute lil southern boy boutique outfits very often!

So this morning when we were sitting outside soakin' up some sun, I thought, why not? Let's play dress up.

Now, Little Man has not been himself the last couple of days. It could be he's a little more mellow because I've been trying to wean him out of his 4th and evening nap. Or, perhaps a tooth is trying to pop through? But, would you believe this is the best smile I could get out of him? That is so anti-Ralphie! 

Favorite <3

Enough, Mama. I am SO done!


  1. the first black and white darn handsome.

  2. Ralphie! Watsa matter baby? You have followers that want to see a smile! You're still so adorable being "serious". ;)