Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Time with Grandma

We headed down to Tampa, Florida last Thursday to spend some time with Daniel's mom, who is getting ready to move to Ohio. We packed up boxes, went through old school projects of Daniel's, went to a Rays vs. Red Sox game, and hit up the beach. 

Visiting Grandpa
Ralph I and Ralph II

Madeira Beach, Florida. Janet now owns a time share here. So nearly every summer we'll get to spend a week soaking up this goodness. I'm just a little excited. ;)

 Ralphie LOVED the waves. He was a continual smile. So precious.

 He kept looking down as if he wanted to put his feet back in the water. :)

The beach at sunset... it was a gorgeous evening spent with some of the people I love most. These next three pictures just take my breath away. Seeing your husband as a father ... priceless. 

 Be still my heart.


  1. BEAUTIFUL job. The sunset pictures are amazing, you nailed the settings. :D

  2. Absolutely stunning photos! And I am so glad you named him Ralph. Love that boy.

  3. Gorgeous pictures, Ashlee. Ralphie is just so cute. :)