Thursday, September 13, 2012

Daniel's Birthday | A Weekend in Michigan

We had this wonderful plan at the end of August that we were so excited for. It consisted of a lot of driving, but a lot of family visiting, and we were all looking forward to it. Unfortunately, things fell through and we didn't think we were going to be able to make it at all - to Michigan to see my family, or to Ohio to see Daniel's. Last minute we decided to make the trip up to Michigan anyway, for one last hurrah for the 2012 summer.

We celebrated Daniel's 27th birthday, too!

I miserably failed in my efforts to get pictures of everyone. Plenty of babies, very few adults, but I'm consoling myself with the thought that next summer these three blue-eyed babes will be busy toddlers, and one can never have too many pictures of a baby!

Lots of play time...

...s'mores by the fire, and midnight chats on the back deck

Crushed oreo cookie mixed into decadent fudge syrup, sandwiched between 3 layers of Bryer's mint chocolate chip ice cream, topped with mint oreos and Hershey's syrup. O. My. Word. Dairy Queen didn't stand a chance.

O, how I love him. :)

And with the blink of an eye summer is gone. It was a good one, that's for sure. I never like when summer ends. Eventually, I must reconcile myself to the facts.  When the humidity is replaced with the quick, brisk breezes that bring cooler weather, I begin to remember how lovely autumn is, especially in the South. Autumn promises to bring good things this year, too.

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