Monday, September 17, 2012

First 5K!

Saturday I ran my first 5K!

My friend Carolyn talked me into it. I had started training back in June, kind of got distracted, didn't want to pay the registration fee, and then just forgot all about it. Until last Wednesday night. She talked me into it, though it really didn't take much effort. I have this love-hate relationship with running. It's so hard for me, but so good for me. 

 The morning of the race my stomach was in knots. I complained to Daniel that I'd never be able to finish, that I wasn't ready, and a million other excuses. He reminded me my goal was only to finish, and that time didn't matter, "Besides, a 5K is easy. Anyone can do a 5K. You're going to be fine." My grumpy retort at 7am that morning was that "my short, chubby legs" do not make it easy. :-P

But, I finished. Carolyn and I talked the whole way - or she talked to me, mostly. :) We didn't walk once! Our final time was somewhere around 33 minutes. About an 11 minute pace. Slow and steady, right?

We're already planning for another one - Daniel may even do it, too!

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