Sunday, September 23, 2012

Last Days of Summer

While everyone else is posting about fall, how it's their favorite season; and they're O, so happy; and isn't it just so wonderful? I'm here reminiscing about summer. Everyone is pulling out their tweed, and their cardigans, donning stockings, and stylin' leather flats. Me? I just repainted my toe nails so I could wear flip flops a week or two more. Because, sure, fall is nice. Cooler weather? Yes, please. But summer is just my favorite. Always has, always will be.

This last week of summer I spent sick. More than likely walking pneumonia. It'll take more than that to send me to a dr, though. So, after spending the first two days in bed, I finally felt strong enough to venture out. The rest of that week practically all Ralphie and I did was soak it all in on the back porch, or walking slowly around the neighborhood.

The end of summer is just glorious in the South... is it better because of the relief from 100 degree days with thru-the-roof-humidity? Maybe. Or, it just could be better period. I don't know.

We have this pecan tree growing in our backyard. The fruit is growing. Soon enough it will be heavy, and ready to be enjoyed. I can't wait. Meanwhile, it attracts these beautiful butterflies. I think they are Southern Pearly Eyes but I'm not certain. Anyone? Anyone? (**coughs** couldn't help it - Can't say anyone without thinking about Ferris Bueller :))

I planted zinnas twice this spring. They are finally a few shoots that have bloomed. Not the dozens I was hoping for, though. Next year, I think I need to space them out more. I'm afraid I choked them. :-/

There are only two things I disagree with Anne Shirley about: The first, our opinions on red hair are polar opposites. The second, zinnas are beautiful.

And there's our friend Sarg the lizard. I thought he had found a new home over the summer, but he must have just been hiding from the heat. We had quite an adventure Wednesday afternoon, when he thought the best was to escape Zoe was to run through the open door and into the house. I screamed bloody murder. Daniel came running, with thoughts of some catastrophe involving Ralphie. He eyed me pretty seriously, and sternly asked if the screaming was necessary when "it's just a lizard." Need I say that did not calm me down much? Just a lizard!?! All the while, I was thanking the good Lord it was not a snake.

So, Daniel got a shoe to kill him, but, truthfully, as long as he's outside, I like him. And it seemed too cruel to kill him just because he accidentally ran into our house. So, I put on rubber gloves and bravely threw him back outside. He's alive, and still hangs out around the back porch. But for some reason, I don't like him as much. :-/

Hopefully this week I'll be feeling more myself.

I fought it to the last, but now that it is fall, I'll say it: Happy Fall, y'all! ;)

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  1. I completely agree! Summer is the best :) But this beautiful fall weather is such a relief from the heat!! Beautiful post!