Monday, September 10, 2012

Ralphie is 7 months old!

Dear sweet, happy, handsome boy,

As I write this you are beside me in your jumper swinging back and forth with the silliest grin on your face, and a squeal of delight erupting from your mouth every few seconds. You have learned to move yourself in your jumper, and now spend your days thump-thump-thumping across the floor like you are running for a take off. You take three long strides forward until your feet can't touch the floor, and then sail backwards to do it again. It's hilarious.

You have two lil teeth on the bottom. The first one came in August 25th, and the second one a week later. You didn't seem to be in too much pain, but you sure do like to gnaw on things, and you drool what seems like gallons every day! :)

You also grab everything within your reach - or not within your reach. Sunday at church you finally got your hands on a wine glass and it shattered on the floor into a million pieces. You grab my earrings, and necklaces, and hair, and your sticky little fingers hold on like your life depended upon it.

You are so close to sitting alone! You hold yourself up for a few seconds and then topple to the side, or squish forward, till you move yourself onto your belly.

You are also pretty darn close to figuring out crawling, too. Right now you have an inch-worm scoot that is just adorable. You use your toes to scrunch your little bottom up into the air, and then you stretch out as far as you can, and repeat until you get to the object you are after. It's hard work, moving like that, so you get tired pretty quickly, but I think very soon you'll have it figured out, and off you'll go to explore the world! I am so excited.

Daddy and I have both noticed how your hair has grown thicker and darker and longer all this past month. You are about 17 pounds and as long as long can be. You are so handsome!

welcome back hair, we wondered when you'd return. ;)
Most days, sometimes two or three times a day, you and I will sit in the rocker in your room and read Beatrix Potter stories. You love books. Sometimes you insist on turning the pages, but often you just sit there and look at the pictures and listen to my voice. Those are precious moments that I will remember forever.

We have lots of precious moments, you and me. Playing, singing, snuggling, doing chores, making dinner. One of your favorite things to do, though, is be outside. Sometimes we will take Zoe and walk up to Glen Cairn Garden. You love looking out your stroller at the world. Other days we will camp out on the back porch. You and Zoe playing, while I read.

Sometimes, when Daddy comes home from work, we go and sit on the front porch, all three of us. Daddy and I talk about the day, and you just watch the cars go by, turning your whole head to see them until they are out of sight.

You are sweet and kissable, and give the best snuggles. You giggle and laugh at so many things. You love your daddy. You love me.

And we love YOU. Even more than last month.
Love, Mama

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