Thursday, June 16, 2011

Begin Summer with Vacation? Yes, Please.

Maura and Michael's last day of school was June 10th. We had a fun day at the Y swimming. Saturday I headed to Michigan and they headed to the beach. One week of vacation for me! Yay!
Mom's pretty roses
Saturday Dad, Mom and Aliza and Anna picked me up at the Detroit, MI airport and we drove south to Ohio, where we met up with the rest of the gang. Sunday, after worship, a sweet friend, Amber and I had a baby shower for my sister, Angela. (Pictures to come later). My mom, little girls, and I spent one more day in Ohio before driving back up to Michigan. We visited with my grandma, Mare, and Angela some more, played Scrabble, and did some baby shopping.

dinner at Bob Evan's Sunday night - a family tradition, for better or worse
self-portrait (thumbs up must mean she likes it)

Scrabble, of course.
Tuesday morning the girls and I walked to the grocery store to get a few extra things for dinner that night, and then we had a girls' afternoon and hit a cute little boutique called Posh Palace, and a thrift store.

Homemade "everything" pizza
leafy-green salad with EVOO and lemon juice

After a day of shopping and time together, pizza and salad in our tummies, we pulled out the lawn chairs, and popped open a bag (or two) of marshmallows. If you roast marshmallows with Willekes you must burn your marshmallow. Hands down. (Except Dad and Angela... they like theirs golden).
 Isn't it more exciting to see how fast you can blow out the flaming ball of sugar??

 And then load on the creamy chocolate and sandwich between two honey graham crackers!

Nick got home from work late, but he was there. Nathan and Noah managed to escape almost all the pictures, and Dad, too. Next time I'll have to do better getting everyone!

Wednesday morning before flying home we took Nevin and Nolan to the skate park so they could show us their tricks. I was impressed! staying balanced on a little piece of wood is tough. :)

 There was also a walking path near the skate park where the girls did some exploring. They found a giant puff-ball! That must have been one huge dandelion!

It was good to see my family's new home, and spend time with them. It all went way too fast, but I was missing my hubby. We both get to go back for Fourth of July weekend, and that's looking to be lots of fun already!

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