Sunday, June 26, 2011

Twenty - One

Last night we had some friends over to help celebrate my twenty-first birthday tomorrow. It was so fun! We haven't really ever had a party at our house before this. I know that's sad. We thought we just didn't have the space. Turns out, with a little sprucing up our back patio works great.

Daniel and I had a great afternoon together preparing everything. After cleaning the house and the back patio, we went shopping and picked up some tiki lights, fruit and wine. (short list). Here's Daniel making orange-juice-and-fruit ice cubes for the Sangria we made:

We also made the Sweet and Hot Chicken Kabobs from our Newlywed Kitchen Cookbook, sliced up some watermelon, and a fresh tomato, cucumber and mozzarella salad. Friends brought guac and chips, chipotle dip, chicken salad, and beer too!

Will and Caitlyn

Drew and Sam

Daniel and Nathan
 Carolyn was such a help! She came early and helped with the last-minute prep madness, and brought me my favorite birthday treat: Strawberry shortcake!
Carolyn and me

Liz and Ashley
OK. Quick side note. Did you notice the pretty flowers on the table?

Better question: Did you notice the pretty vases the pretty flowers were in? (stupid prepositions... why do you always turn up at the end of my sentences?)

OK. Good. Because they were my favorite part of the table. :)

They were super easy, and turned out simply sweet. Best part: I used old jelly, salsa and pasta sauce jars, and old glue gun and some twine. :)

Birthday's are fun. I'm glad I got to celebrate with friends here in Charlotte. And now that we know our patio can host 10+ people the party-ing will be on! (there's that stupid preposition again)

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  1. I love it! The vases are so beautiful. I love how you do crafty little things like those. And Daniel's hair looks nice, btw. :)