Thursday, June 9, 2011


Last year...


We were honeymooning in the Rockies.

I never posted anything about our honeymoon, so better a year late, than never.

We spent our first night together at this little gem of a place called the Emerald Necklace Inn. The woman who owns the place was very kind, and the room was beautiful. The whole house was decorated beautifully, and had we not had a plane to catch we would have enjoyed a delicious home-made breakfast - instead she gave us two blueberry scones as we headed out. (also delicious).

The four hour flight into Denver went quickly. We were so happy to talk about anything and everything. I was so happy to let the whole world know I was married.

We were surprised to not see the mountains as soon as we landed. The mile-high city is certainly on top of a mountain, but we had to drive for a bit before we saw the snow-capped peaks of the Rockies.

Uncle Tom and Aunt Julie (on Daniel's side) let us use their cabin in Keystone, CO for our honeymoon. It was spacious - two nice-sized bedrooms, two full baths, a full-furnished kitchen and dining area, and open family room -  yet cozy and warm.

Keystone is 12,000 feet above sea level, with surrounding mountains several thousand above that. The view was breathtaking - not because of the altitude, either! 

We drove our car up to the Continental Divide, and then hiked up two sides of the mountain around it - on two separate days. I could have done that all day long! I loved it. (We were not dressed appropriately, though, and that made it more uncomfortable.)

One day we rented bikes and rode out of the resort down to Lake Dillon. 

I am the adventurous one, just so everyone knows. Daniel would never put his bare feet in near freezing water. ;-) 

Of course it stormed. Rain follows us everywhere. But it was magnificent.

 yeah... :)

Love him
We made a lot of fun memories, and got to see some exciting stuff. I remember thinking sometime shortly before the wedding, "not only am I getting married - I'm going on vacation!" Honeymooning is such a great idea. :)

We hope to go back to Colorado someday... for a visit, perhaps. Or maybe for a more permanent stay. We'll see. :)

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