Sunday, June 5, 2011

One Year

For one complete year I have been blessed to be the wife of Daniel Franklin Wells.

What a year!

What a race of emotions I was experiencing this time last year. I remember excitement and anticipation. Not a hint of worry or concern. No stress - not really. I was just so incredibly giddy to be married to Daniel. I was happy with all the little details, excited for everything to come together, and excited to experience what I knew would be the happiest day of my life.

I relished every moment of being the bride - of being his bride. I never for a moment felt self conscious. I felt beautiful. I felt loved and cherished - because I knew I was.

I loved getting ready - even for a morning wedding. (sorry girls). I loved zipping up that dress and having everyone ooh- and aah- and see tears well up in my mother's eyes.

Getting married is a dream.

My dress was exactly what I wanted, too. I loved how I felt it in. I loved wearing it, an really didn't want to take it off. I might just put it back on today. :)

During the Bridesmaids' processional, my dad and I were standing out of the way. For some reason he thought I was nervous, and was telling me "just breathe," and "relax." - I was just ready to race down the aisle!

I relished each step towards my groom. His face is still cemented in my memory - an attempted smile, a lump in his throat, a tear in his eye, a face full of radiance. If I close my eyes and remember us at that moment, it gives me butterflies.

Then we had to stand there and listen to the pastors, and sing songs... And I was just wondering why the kiss had to be LAST. O, it was a first kiss all over again - even if our bridal party wasn't allowed to hoot and hollar for us via our pastor's request.

My bridesmaids were gorgeous. I still think I had the prettiest bridal party ever.

When we were announced as "Mr and Mrs Daniel Wells" I wanted to jump up and shout!

The food was delicious. I fought long and hard to get that menu at the right cost, and I was so glad. I wish I could have eaten more than five bites. I did down two glasses of champagne though.

My cake was perfect. I seriously think The Knot should include it in their wedding cake section. I do wish we had the top tier to eat today.

I loved all the children at our wedding. Some where little ones I had baby-sat when they were only a couple of weeks or months old. Others I had helped potty-trained, or watched learn to walk. Some were good family friends. Some were cousins. Two were sisters.

They were all enraptured with me. I loved that, too.

I loved all the dancing - and dancing to Party In the U.S.A like a kid and looking like an idiot.

Our first dance is one aspect that wasn't exactly as I would have wished it, but the song was special to Daniel, and in the midst of our dance, whatever music was playing concerned us very little. We were together. We were married. That was what our focus was on.

I am thankful I did a father-daughter dance, and that we did it to Cinderella. I felt like a princess. I was glad to spend those three minutes with just my dad, and thank him for being the father he was to me as a little girl growing up. 

I wish I had done a mother-daughter dance, though. I think a mother-of-the-bride should have a special, intimate moment with her daughter, too.

I love, love, loved our carriage ride. I loved being with my husband in that carriage.

Taking pictures in the rain was fun, too. Cheers to a fabulous wedding party!

And I loved how by four o'clock my husband was impatient to leave... and suddenly I was sick! But leave we did. The rest... well. Yadda yadda yadda. ;)
I loved every moment of my wedding day, from start to close.

And now we're living...

...Happily Ever After


  1. aw!
    #1.What a beautiful bride you were!
    #2.How you described how you felt was exactly how I felt. I feel so sad for brides who are constantly worrying about all the tiny details. They totally miss out! I see so many brides like that in my business:-)
    #3. Congrats on one year!
    #4.I've been meaning to follow your blog for the longest time but just finally sat down and did it today:-)

  2. Hi Ashlee,

    I don't know if I've ever commented on your blog or not, but I've been lurking for a while. I'm a friend of Ruby Hopkins and Rachel Clarke, and I'm marrying my own redhead next weekend. :-D :-D

    Your wedding pictures are gorgeous, and I have to mention my favorite thing: The green wall behind y'all. It set off the groom's hair just perfectly. *Grin*

    I hope God blesses your next years to the fullest. Congratulations!

    In Christ,