Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Twice the Blessings, Twice the Fun

My sister is having two little miracles instead of one!!!

And we celebrated with a baby shower in her honor two Sundays ago. Ashley was able to get some pictures of this special day for all of us. I'm so glad I was able to be there for this celebration, and that I had Amber to help get all the details organized (including where to host 30 women!) Amber and I had so much fun planning games and food, and coming up with cute little decorating ideas. Mom helped a lot, too, of course, with getting those last minute things all pulled together.

cupcakes, candies, and jumbo lollipops made out of baby items.

Amber and I both smiled and giggled over the fact that less than two years ago we were planning Angela's bridal shower and wedding! So fun to have the opportunity to share in both - so close together!

They may be born in Scotland, but they'll still be Americans!

I'm pretty psyched about this whole becoming an aunt again thing. Especially to have my best friend have babies. That's pretty exciting. So, when I saw these onesies at Target I could not resist, even though they had nothing matching for my lil nephew.

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