Saturday, June 25, 2011

Old Friends, New Friends

For as long as I can remember Jamie and Jesse have been part of my life. My parents moved in across the street from their parents when Jamie was little, and Jesse and I were just babies in utero. And that began the friendship that has lasted a score of years, and will, we all hope, last another (or two).

Combined Family Vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC in 1996
Last Saturday Jamie, Jesse and their family traveled back to "Myrtle" for another family vacation, this time with their boyfriends, who have become our new friends!

So, guess what city is on the way to Myrtle Beach???


We met up at the Original Pancake House, which isn't original, or local, but is really good, and gives travelers a fantastic view of downtown.

Jamie's Tom, Jesse's Phil, My Daniel, Me, Jesse, Jamie

"Fake Laugh"... tradition. Tom refuses to participate though. Bad Tom.

We really missed Angela and Peter... maybe next time?

And one more picture, because Jamie's pancakes were *so* worth the picture. They were called 49ers Flap Jacks. As the picture shows they were thin and huge, compared to regular pancakes. They were so gooey, too. Definitely going to be my next order.

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